Wednesday, April 05, 2006

fun fun genting!! =)

On the 1st of April 2006, me and my baby went to genting with my hommies.. hehe..it was my 1st trip with them after so many bhander yrs..everytime say wanna go sumwhere oso surely tak jadi 1..rite??haha..i'm glad dat my baby is able to get along well with them..n i really hope u guys will like him too..(awww)..here are some pictures of my baby..hehe..

*isn't he cute? =p*

*my baby and me =)*

Before heading up to genting, we went to midvalley for lunch and we had nandos..kow ordered kiddies meal..haha..as usual, her meal came last..*poor thang*..after getting sum stuffs (kow's survival kit..eg: cup noodles and water) from carrefour, we left midvalley around 3 sumthing..throughout d whole journey, dis skinny kow and her boyboy were blocking d right view of d back wind screen..sitting so close to each other summore..lebehh lebehh..i noe la me n peter couldn't sit close close together..*slap kow*..*slap ys oso*..haha..

We reach ria apartment around 5 sumthing i think..dun quite rmb dee..n d drama begins..acted by skinny kow..haha..n d story goes on in jasmine kow's blog..haha..i'm so lazy to write bout it dee..kow wrote a nice 1 there..so..i can save my energy lor..wakaka.. =p k la..i'll show u guys some nice pictures here k..dun marah marah ya..*bluek*..

*dis 1 is funny*

*sue's acting cute*

Here are some really funny pictures of ysk with his gayish gestures.. haha..*bluek* =p..

*hie ppl..i'm yih shin ker ere..*

* u guys feeling hot? *

15 minutes later..

*i beh tahan dee..dis is no kidding guys..i'm feeling sooo HOT!!*

* Arrghhh..my face!! it's melting!! haha..*

I know it's kinda lame..but dat's my creativity..haha..so..u better enjoy it!!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

~ rainy rainy day ~

*poor leg*

*sob sob*

*another pic of it*

dis is my 1st post..n yet i've got nth good to talk about here..except for d beautiful patterns on my right leg..*sob sob*..wondering wat happened? ok..i slipped n fell into d drain yesterday..poor me..it was raining n i was trying 2 cross d drain..unfortunately my left leg terpijak d mud..there i go..into d drain..haih..den, i gotta climb out from d drain (like samara climbing out from d well)..*sorry bin..gotta use ur name ere*..n my wounds started to bleed..i wanted to cry so badly but i couldn't..dunno y my stupid brain told me dat i should be tough..but eventually i cried..wen i told peter about it..(awww)..hopefully there wouldn't be any scars.. anybody wanna laugh at me? *maybe i shd stay at home dis weekend*